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• To operate the business to the highest international standard and have the greatest regard for the safety of our employees and all other third parties in the working environment


• To work within our social environment in a highly responsible and accountable manner


• To foster a development culture within the business in order to develop, placing particular emphasis on technical skills and management techniques for younger staff


• To plan and carry out contracts to a very high standard and uphold our reputation for delivering quality work


• To maintain and operate equipment to a very high standard with the aim of delivering the best service to our clients


• To operate a risk assessment strategy in order to achieve acceptable financial returns for our shareholders and to safeguard the interests of our business, employees, and stakeholders


• To conserve the attributes of a local company while developing a global firm with extensive knowledge and a broad outlook

Vision & Values



Banlaw mission is to deliver projects safely, on time, and on budget. We aim to add value to our client’s businesses and to maximize shareholder returns. Concurrent to these three goals we will work to continuously develop and improve our people.


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