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Safety is central to our operations. It is woven into every decision we make from planning, through operations to final execution.

Banlaw uses the concept of zero harm which means no harm to anyone, anytime while at work.


Throughout our extensive service offering we have established and continue to implement international best practises in Safety, Health and Environment (SHE).


SHE is a key responsibility of the executive committee and is managed by the SHE Group Manager in conjunction with the project managers and with the support of full time safety officers and safety assistants.


Our SHE-system includes:


•SHE-management policies

•SHE-management plans

•SHE-awareness initiatives

•SHE-induction programmes

•Job safety analysis, hazard management and risk control

•Safe working practices

•Real time information

•Training using internationally recognised training systems

•Effective reporting techniques

•SHE-audits and inspections led  by senior management

•Efficient accident and incident investigation


Working in developing economies, we are acutely aware of our added responsibility to introduce and maintain international SHE best practices. We measure our SHE-system perfomance through our key safety performance indicator. This works to keep our total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) to the lowest level possible. We frequently benchmark ourselves against our peers.


Our SHE-systems are about keeping the communities safe at and around our project sites. This includes our colleagues, employees and all other stakeholders involved.


When we provide you with mining, civil works, earthworks and environmental services, you can know that our employees are trained, supervised and, most importantly, fully aware and concious of safety.



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